Success Lessons from the Bill Gates Story

Success Lessons from the Bill Gates Story. Many young people want to know the story of Bill Gates to find inspiration and wise advice that can help them.

Success Lessons from the Bill Gates Story

Characterized by ambition and dedication and known as the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is one of the loudest names today, who has been noted not only for the achievements he has undertaken, but also for his impressive wealth. Discover the story of Bill Gates and find out how Bill Gates became so famous in the business world, how he came to be so rich and, above all, what success lessons you can learn from one of the richest people in the world. world.

The Bill Gates Story: About the Life of Bill Gates

Bill Gates' life is amazing, full of challenges but also full of passion, and this is evident in his business success. Many people are curious about the billionaire's story, and we set out to tell you all about him below.

Coming from a middle-class family in Seattle, Bill Gates was born in Washington on October 28, 1955. From an early age, he was concerned with the IT field. The story of Bill Gates begins at the age of 13 when he enrolled in a preparatory school: Lakeside School.

Being extremely concerned with the programming of the GE system, he enjoyed certain privileges, such as being exempt from attending math classes. He was the first person to write a program on this machine, allowing players to play Tic-Tac-Toe against the computer for the first time (another reason the Bill Gates story is so impressive).

Until 1970, together with three other colleagues, he studied the vulnerabilities of the CCC company's operating system, in exchange for receiving free computer hours. Thus, he studied various programming languages, receiving in 1971 a paid collaboration from Information Sciences Inc.


At just 17 years old, Bill Gates' life would change when he partnered with Traf-O-Data to build traffic light systems based on the Intel 8008 processor.

In 1973, Gates was a trainee in the United States House of Representatives, the same year he graduated from high school. After obtaining a high score on the SAT (1590 points out of 1600), he entered Harvard University.

In 1974 he joined Paul Allen at Honeywell, the following year the two launched the MITS Altair 8800. That year Gates dropped out of college and founded his own company.

The Bill Gates Story: How He Became the Founder of Microsoft

The perseverance he showed says everything about the famous businessman. Being passionate about programming, he devoted all his strength to his company. In 1975 he founded "Micro-Soft" together with Paul Allen, renamed a year later as " Microsoft ".

Over the years, the company has become very famous worldwide. As the founder of Microsoft, the businessman was completely dedicated to the rise of his company.

Although it quickly gained ground among computer users, the appearance on the black market of a version of the program just before its release sparked controversy in the Bill Gates story. Gates issued a call encouraging programmers to monetize the software they develop. At the end of 1976, Microsoft broke the alliance with MITS and became independent.

Bill Gates fortune: who will inherit the Gates empire

Bill Gates' story is an example of aspirations for many young entrepreneurs, not only in terms of success, but also in terms of ambition. His first step into the business world was taken in 1975, when he founded the Microsoft company, together with Paul Allen, and in 1980 he closed the first large-scale deal with IBM for the sum of $56,000. This is the first fruitful step to increase his wealth.

In 1985, it launched the Windows product, followed by Microsoft Office in 1989. Over the years, its fortune grew gradually but considerably, since 1986 the company was listed on the stock market.

Although Gates currently owns just 1.3% of the company, he remains a poster child for Microsoft. He turned the money from the stock sale into investments in Cascade Investment LLC and hundreds of smaller companies.

Although he is one of the richest people on the planet, the tycoon reduced his impressive fortune by divorcing his wife, Melinda. Currently, Bill Gates' concept of fortune is around 134.2 billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine. Although he no longer leads the top rankings, currently ranked No. 5, he is still one of the eight people who have a fortune of more than 100 billion dollars.

Bill Gates' charitable actions

The “Bill & Melinda Gates” Foundation was founded in the year 2020. The history of Bill Gates is directly related to this foundation, as the foundation has always been a main point of action, even now, despite the divorce, Gates is actively involved in the activity carried out by the foundation.

Characterizing itself as one of the largest and best-known charities in the world, the foundation is involved in various humanitarian projects, such as guaranteeing decent medical conditions for the population of Africa or combating childhood diseases and the HIV virus.

Another project consists of introducing the computerization of public libraries throughout the world, especially in countries like Mexico, Chile or Romania. In Romania, through the Biblionet programme, 2,252 public libraries received computers with free Internet access, 80% in rural areas.

Success Lessons from the Bill Gates Story

Many young people want to know the story of Bill Gates to find inspiration and wise advice that can help them. Here are some success lessons that the famous billionaire offers to become a successful man:

  • Perseverance  is one of the aspects that the successful businessman encourages: "Nothing is done overnight." Although Microsoft launched in 1987, success didn't come until 1990.
  • Don't learn from success  – according to Gates, “Success is a bad teacher. It makes smart people think they can't lose." Reusing the original scheme that brought you success can be to your advantage.
  • Listen to customer complaints  : "The most dissatisfied customers are the best source of learning." Always remember to improve and analyze customer feedback.